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Caritas St.Gallen-Appenzell and Dock AG, St.Gallen

DockGruppe AG, St.Gallen, and Caritas St.Gallen-Appenzell create synergistic structures in the area of ​​commercial work through close cooperation. Caritas St.Gallen-Appenzell will exclusively deal with long-term unemployed, according to the St.Gallen model, in its newly structured trade enterprises (second labor market); The dock group St.Gallen for their part long-term unemployed in their industrial enterprises (second labor market). In addition, Caritas St.Gallen-Appenzell is responsible for unemployed young adults as well as recognized refugees and temporarily admitted in the area of ​​"Education & Coaching" in Cantina's public canteen. This breakdown will create an effective and cost-effective structure for both institutions. The aim should always be to integrate unemployed people into the first labor market.

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It is an eye-catcher and probably the most coherent space in the Caritas property: the canteen, named Cantinas. In the kitchen Koch and Agogin are Eva Friedrich and her team. This consists of recognized refugees, long-term unemployed and young adults who participate in a qualifying program. Daily freshly cooked, sometimes up to 50 lunches are prepared. The aim is that these people find a job in the medium term on the first labor market.

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